Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zaatar Palmiers


1 pack (375g) Puff Pastry  
1 cup Zaatar mix (Thyme, Sumac & Sesame seeds)
½ cup Olive Oil (enough to make a spreadable   consistency)

Preheat oven gaz mark 6. Roll the pastry, on lightly dusted flour surface, into a rectangle. I use the ready rolled pastry; unroll the pastry flat.

Mix the zaatar with the oil. Spread the mix in a thin even layer over the pastry.
Roll up ends from the short side of the pastry to meet in the middle.
Cover with cling film or foil & refrigerate for 30min.

Cut the roll into 1cm thick slice. Place into a greaseproof lined baking sheet leaving space between each palmier.

Bake for 12-15 min until they are crisps and golden.


  1. this looks yummy and seems to be VERY easy to do!!!!

  2. super duper easy... buy the ready roll puff pastry :) do u have zaatar? do u want some?